Career Selection By  Persona Types

There are different 16 types of interest in Whole world as per the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Around 1940 a mother daughter team developed this instrument to help people understand and use the Carl Jung's Theory of Psychological type preference.

This Decides, orientation to world, Take in Information and make decision to execute the Work.

Choose your Persona Type and Rate your Career Selection

The Nurturer - ISFJ

The Nurturer is always thinking of others and gives out in any way they can. Their warm and sensitive nature makes them excellent caretakers. They are considerate, loyal and unselfish

The Craftsman - ISTP

Here is the personality type which is very down to earth and rational. Liking to observe the situation, they are ready for almost anything. The craftsman is spontaneous, enthusiastic and pragmatic

The Counsellor - INFJ

This personality type has a caring and reflective nature. Brimming with creativity and never taking anything at surface value, they hold firm to idealistic values. The counsellor is reflective, eloquent and visionary.

The Supervisor - ESTJ

Their strong traditional values make them a role model for others. The supervisor is happy taking a leadership role and is often sought out for their advice. The are orderly, highly productive and result oriented.

The Thinker - INTP

Constantly taking in and analyzing information. The Thinker has the ability to quickly analyze people and situations. They enjoy independence and achieve high standards in everything they do. They
are insightful, logical and observant.

The Commander - ENTJ

Unafraid to take charge, here is an effective
organizer who sees opportunity in everything. They are ambitious and have strong leadership skills. The commander is optimistic, decisive and independent.

The Performer - ESFP

The life and soul of any party. Triving from being with others, their strong interpersonal skills make them fun to be around. The performer is lively, sympathetic and thoughtful.

The Champion - ENFP

Focused on creating their own way in life, The champion lives from their feelings and strong intuition. They love to start new projects and are great at seeing the potential in others. They are thoughtful, perceptive and optimistic.

The Doer - ESTP

Focused on spending time with others and trying out new experience. The doers are frustrated by details. Pragmatic problem-solvers and good negotiators. They are impulsive, unconventional and active.

The Visionary - ENTP

Not lovers of small-talk, the visionary seeks out people with whom they can have intellectual, theoretical conversation, lovers of earning they welcome new challenges, they are inventive, logical and energetic.

The Mastermind - INTJ

The mastermind steps back and considers wider patterns, theories and strategies. Able to develop ingenious plans, they do not always find social situations easy. They are skeptical, strategic and competent.

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The Composer - ISFP

Great listeners and excellent friends. Sometimes struggling to initially connect with people. They places great value on being at peace with themselves and nature. They are spontaneous, fun lovers of life.

The Giver - ENFJ

The highly principled and charismatic personality type who relates easily to others. They are both idealistic and charismatic and do not get caught up in small unpleasantries. The giver is imaginative, accepting and outspoken.

The Provider - ESFJ

The provider feels most alive when they have
center stage, comfortable being in the spotlight, they are energized through social interaction and love to be active. They are gracious, thoughtful and harmonious

The Idealist - INFP

Focused on finding meaning in the world around them. The idealist has sensitive nature. They find happiness in solitude and allowing their  imagination to run freely. They are reserved value driven and creative.

The Inspector - INTJ

Highly organized and hard working, the inspector pays great attention to upholding social and cultural responsibilities. They are deep-thinkers with clear views of right and wrong. The inspector is trustworthy, intimidating and reserved.

I Am Not Sure About Career Persona Type

If you are not sure about which Career Personal Type you are having and you wish to explore the Career Options suitable to you, Then you can take a Career Mapping Assessment. We use Scientific Approach to analyze Person's Interest, Personality and help them get to the best Suitable Career Options.

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