Career Selection By  Preferred Industry

There are around different 20 types of industry in Market where job or business exists. This bifurcation is done just to make you aware about where all the Careers available and what kind of work you need to do once you select that particular industry.  Think about your Interest and Personality and choose which Career Industry or Cluster suits you best to find Possible Career Options in that Industry

What's Your Career Industry Preference?

Finance and Accountants

This field mainly deals with Financing services, banking, accountancy, statistics. This field leaves major impact on economy of any country's as they measure  and evaluate the financial conditions of Organization.

Biology-Science and Research

This is field is for the candidates to wish to pursue career in biology, science and research about human body and other science related facts and findings.


The base on every person is education and this field is related to education of students and professional in corporate. Like Teacher, professor and Trainers.

Hospitality and Travel

This field is focused on travel, tourism, hotel, event, planning, organizing and helping people to enjoy their vacations.

Legal & Law

A Widely known field of Law and enforcement. This field deals with solving and guiding publics about the laws, rules and regulation and getting them justice as per the norms.

Marketing and Advertising

Spreading the words about product and services and let the customer know about its benefit is all about the marketing. This may be conventional as well as digital.

Science and Engineering

With lot of engineering branches like chemical, civil, electrical, electronics and many more this field is related to Technology. Robotics, Nano Science and Artificial intelligence is new Technological fields.  

Environment and Agriculture

This field mainly focus on Geology, plants, farming and natural resources. Mainly in research and implementation of solution to get best Agriculture output is really a passion area of work

Business Studies

This field is mainly focused on managing the business operations, maintenance, analytics, People management and getting the work done, running the real time busienss. 

Public Sector

This field mainly focus on public services, like Civil Administrative services, Staff selection Services, and economics services. Where the general pubic services and admin is main focus

Social Science and Human Study

This field is mainly focused on human psychology, political science and understanding the human behaviors and solving their day to day life problems.

Transports and Logistics

This is a wide field where logistics, transportation, warehousing, material movement, man movement is involved. This can be further looked at Road, Air, Water Transport Services and Related

Mass Media Journalism

This is age old field and ever green for mass media, like new paper, TV, Radio and other news services. There is lot of evolution in digital edge in mass media communication.

Explore Career with Career Mapping Assessment

You can also decide to go for taking Career Mapping Assessment 2.0 Assessment in which you will get complete idea about which Industry is good for your. 

Construction and Architecture

This field is related to Construction of Building, complex, Designing the engineering of Building, Structure and Architecture of inside out.

Arts and Designs

This field is focused on Artistic side of whole world, may it be fashion, jewelry, graphics, creative writing, drawing and painting

Health & Social Cause

This field is focused on medical science, diagnosis, medication, therapy, pharmacy and hospital related services.

Computor & IT

This domain is mainly for computer related field where programming, coding, new technological development, software and analytics.

Manufacturing and Making  

This field focused on making the things, goods, articles. The manufacturing can be of house hold good, company supplied good. This involves machinery and handling large manpower.

Public Service and Safety

This special field for Any thing related to public safety like Armed forces, Emergency disaster management, and law enforcement services. 

I Am Not Sure About Where To Work

If you are not sure about which Industry is suitable for  and you wish to explore the Career Options suitable to you, Then you can take a Career Mapping Assessment. We use Scientific Approach to analyze Person's Curiosity, Persona, and help them get to the best Suitable Career Options.

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