Career Selection By  Curiosity Types

There are different 6 types of interest in Whole world as per the Holland Code of Theory. John Holland's Theory centers on the motion that most people fit into one of the Six Personality types.

They are Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising & Conventional. Choose Your Interest Type to find out you Suitable Career Options.

What's Your Career Curiosity Type? Select Any One!


You are working mainly working with your hands making, fixing, assembling or building things, using and operating machine, tools, equipment's, You often like to work Outdoors. 

Tropical Leaves


You like to discover and research ideas, observe, investigate and experiment, ask questions and solve problems. Click here to Find your Suitable Career Options.


You like using words, art, music, or drama to express yourself, communicate or perform of you like to create or design creative things. Click here to Find your Suitable Career Options.


You like working with People to teach, train, inform, help, treat, heal, cure, serve and greet. You are concerned for other's well-being and welfare. Click here to Find your Suitable Career Options.

Tropical Leaves


You are meeting people, leading, talking to and influencing others, encouraging others, working on business environment. Click here to Find your Suitable Career Options.


You like working indoors and at tasks that involve organizing and being accurate, following procedures, working with data or numbers, planning work and events. Click here to Find your Suitable Career Options.

I Am Not Sure About Career Curiosity Type

If you are not sure about which Career Curiosity Type you are having and you wish to explore the Career Options suitable to you, Then you can take the Career Mapping Assessment . We use Scientific Approach to analyze Person's Curiosity, Personal and help them get to the best Suitable Career Options.

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