CRP-IBPS-PO – Competitive exam to become bank officers

In recent past many student and parent have asked me a question that which competitive exam should they give and which are the special exams which help student to get the stable job. I don’t know why but the moment I heard the word “stable” I unintentionally co-related with banks jobs. I checked at various sources and gave relevant information to students about IBPS-PO. To my surprise the response to this was “Yes, we are looking for this kind of career only.” That gave me a motivation to write an article which I can share to all my online friends and other students those who are aspire to become a banking officer.

  • IBPS : Institure of banking personnel selection

  • PO : Probationary officer

  • CRP : Common recruitment process

If you aspire to become an banking officer the CRP conducted by IBPS is the right way to reach the goal. Through this process the selection of probationary officers are done in all nationalized banks.

Eligible : Graduation from any stream with 20 to 30 year of age group can appear in the examination

Format of examination :

  • Online Prelims

  • Online Mains ( Called for based on results of prelims

  • Personal Interviews ( Called by Respective banks)

Online Prelims has 35 questions on quantitative aptitude, 35 questions on reasoning ability and 30 are on the English language. Based on the data statistics on has to score 60 % and above to quality for Mains exams. Hence the prelim examination become very important and competitive in terms of number of students, preparation and shortlisting.

1. Quantitative aptitude :

  • Series : 5 to 6 question

  • Data interpretation : 10 to 15 question

  • Data sufficiency : 0 to 5 questions

  • Approximation : 0 to 5 questions

  • Misc and numerical sums : 8 to 10 Questions.

Since majority of students do lot of hard work in preparing the prelims but some of the smart work also pays off well when needed. Understanding the exam format and predicting a kind of question you are going to get in exams is also a most important

1.1 : Series type question : Square till 50, cubes till 30, tables till 25 and power of 2,3,5 and 10 should be on fingertips. This will build confidence of the students on series type questions. Observation power in pattern build by numbers are the main ingredients of the dish. And making the dish tastier need practice practice and practice.

1.2 Data Interpretation : As name suggest how to interpret data from various forms like bar chart, pie charts, graphs, percentage, mathematical relationship, ratios, proportions and average are very crucial in order to solve the data interpretation questions.

1.3 Appreciation : The direct question based on complex calculation, percentage and fractions will decide the sizable amount of question in this section.

1.4 Quadratic equation : Mainly the questions are on comparison of roots. If you get the practice to get the roots of quadratic equation quickly, you secure the marks.

1.5. Data sufficiency : Most of the change in pattern and new kind of questions are being asked in this section hence it is advisable by famous career counselors website that you could skip this question if not confident. Attending question without confidence may attract negative marking. Including miscellaneous question, this may cover percentage, profit and loss with some of basic accounting questions, ratio, mixture of question, interest of all types, 2D and 3D measurement, time and work, motion study, speed and distance probability etc. This clear understanding of basic fundamentals are the key to success here. Over an above this keep on practicing with time limit in mind with many mock test available online and previous question papers are must to do in practice sessions.

2. Reasoning ability test

As explained earlier there are approximately 35 questions in this section. The question are combination of logical puzzles, syllogism, inputs-outputs, direction sense, blood relations, logical inequalities and ranking.

2.1 Puzzle solving : It is evident that this section is the hardest and most scoring part of reasoning. There are 2 easy and 1 hard question. Student need to identify those two easy ones as early as possible and then attend it first. Park the 3rd harder one for after this. 20 minutes is the time allocated for this section. Again candidate willing to apear in this exam should practice 3 to 4 puzzles every day.

2.2 Syllogism : Possibility based question are alloted which can be practiced with venn diagrams.

2.3. Logical inequalities and Misc questions : Direction sense, blood relation, clock, calendar and any other logical reasoning can be a part of this section. These questions are intentionally misleading and one should have a hard time to practice before appearing in the exam. Practice for read it fast, understand and put it in simple manner to explain it to self to answer it.

3. English Language

This section is designed to check the verbal ability of candidate. The question are from reading comprehension, close tests, para jumbles, fill in the blanks, error spotting, paragraph completion etc.

3.1 Reading Comprehension : This sub section is very famous from our school days and very easy to attend to score it. Though we are doing it from school days, and seems very easy ultimately i personally ended up finding my self confused in what was there in the paragraph. Isn’t it !!. Yes this requires patience, and co-relation reasoning while reading the paragraph. One should read with purpose of putting it in to simple format in our mind. The understanding of active, passive voice, synonyms, antonyms, are generally found used to confuse the students. So keep calm and read it confidently in your own decided time frame. Some read faster and some not, so we cant compare it because of reading speed, here the output is how well do you understand on what you read. For daily practice reading articles from new papers and listening to news channels for finding new words may be a deciding factor on success.

3.2 Para Jumble : This is to arrange the sentence in order to based on meaningful out come with co-relation and series of events. The cause and effect and indicators in the sentence is very important to note. The works like, due to, since, firstly, lastly, ultimately, but, in case are deciding points, Notice of these words will help you to understand the arrange words in right sequence.

3.3 Others : Rest of the questions are of grammar and English vocabulary.

Concluding remarks : There are two main exams conducted. IBPS-PO and IBPS-Clerk. The more information ca be obtained from There are online mock test available on various websites like In short clearing the fundamentals, keep up with time, practice on solving questions, aware about the format and pattern to avoid surprise and if required take support of expert tutor those who are experienced in this field can help you to pass the examination and get the job of your dream.

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