How do I choose my career based on my personality?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

First, know your personality. In the Career Guidance World, there are different 16 kinds of personality an every one fall under one personality pre-dominantly and little or more on others.

One should consider which personality comes pre-dominantly in her/him self and then choose the career option based on this.

Here are the explanation words of all 16 personality.

  1. Nurturer

  2. Performer

  3. Composer

  4. Craftsman

  5. Champion

  6. Giver

  7. Counsellor

  8. Doer

  9. Provider

  10. Supervisor

  11. Visionary

  12. Idealist

  13. Thinker

  14. Mastermind

  15. Inspector

  16. Commander.

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