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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Work Nature


An actor portrays a character and communicates with the audience on behalf of the playwright, guided by a director. Actors work mainly indoors in theatres & studios, and also do on location shoots for films & television.

Performing arts process involves · Performing artists are creative people. Actors need to understand and interpret the roles they are given. They then use their emotions or feelings to portray the character, performing in close coordination with co-stars.

· They work either for stage performances, or in films, television and radio. Some actors specialise in one medium.



· Are skilled in vocal performance and perform solo or in groups for stage, TV and films

· Are skilled in a variety of musical instruments and play in musical groups or as solo artists

· Play their instruments in bands, symphony orchestras, concerts, recitals, opera, for film background music etc

· Play music to achieve accuracy in tone and pitch, fluency, rhythm, and beat

Key Skills

  • Social Perceptiveness

  • Coordination


  • Conductor

  • Dance Instructor

  • Lighting Designer

  • Music Composer/Arranger

  • Music Copyist

  • Music Director

  • Music Producer

  • Music Video Producer

  • Musical Instrument Repairer

  • Musical Instrument Repairer/Tuner

  • Musician

  • Playwright

  • Scriptwriter

  • Set Designer

  • Voice Instructor

  • Actor/Actress

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