Top 5 Exam preparation tips for Parents and Teachers

s Annual exams are coming nearby and students concentrating on revision of the syllabus which can help them to score high in exams. Parents are also supporting and encouraging students for giving full concentration on studies and not to lose time. At his stage we have 5 top Exam preparation tips for Parents and teachers which they can use or discuss with their child/ students

  1. Give motivation : You know that your child has done the preparation at his level best for whole year, he will definitely do well as per the studies done during the whole year. So this last few days will be crucial for you both. The impact which will make, is your support and positive words, moral support and mental support. Parents should encourage child saying if the revision is done properly there will be a very positive impact on score. Use a positive conversation like, You will do Good ! I am sure you are going to score nicely ! We will have to celebrate on your results days ! I am sure you will outperform your previous test ! I am feeling your preparation are good !

  2. Things to carry : Help your child to prepare a list of the things which is required to carry along while appearing in examination. There are two benefits of doing this. One, You will save time collecting and searching those items on the day of exam and can avoid the last minute hurry, Second, this will create a image in child’s mindset for being prepared for exam. This will also make the child psychologically ready for appearing in exam. Make a list of the things before going to bed today, like pencil, erasor, sharpener, pens, geometry tools, thread, hall ticket, Id proof and extra photo. Preparation is always good.

  3. Avoid Last minute discussion : Advise your child not to involve him/herself into discussion with other out of exam hall with other students and parents about how others are doing and which question is important and can come in exam. In many of the cases child may lose confidence seeing some of the extrovert students and may impact the whole exam paper. So stay away, relax, take deep breaths and Pray.

  4. Never Compare : Ask your child not to compare answers with friends after the paper. This can make them and other children disturbed that the answers they have given in wrong and can make a huge impact on next paper’s preparation. Always try to be cool, calm after exam paper and start planning for preparation of next exam paper.

  5. Be flexible : We adjust everywhere then why not with our child. Give your child a flexibility and assurance that whatever the results of exam comes, is appreciated and acceptable to all family members. Please understand that there is a limit and capacity of each child and individual. Setting high expectation with them can create troublesome situation and distance between family members. Explain them that there are various career options available which can be scientifically selected based on interest and personality.

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