What would be the best job by 2021?

I was referring the Future Job Report 2020 published by World Economic Forum and found some interesting statistics. The report is 163 page long, however I have picked up what is relevant for you to understand.

The report have declared some of the Emerging Career Options, which you may consider for your child. Here is the list.

  1. AI and Machine Learning

  2. Data analytics and Scientist

  3. Information Security Analyst

  4. Internet of things Specialist

  5. Big Data Specialist

  6. Finance + Tech Engineers

  7. Project Managers

  8. Digital Marketing and Strategy

  9. Software and Application developer

  10. Business Development Professional

Does that sound interesting to you. If yes just see above option if this suits to your child interest and personality.

Also Refer the E-Book[1] which can help your child select a right Career Option Step by Step Guide

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