Which career is the most promising to be chosen in India?

The Future Demand is to be considered while you are thinking about Promising Career. When i write this in 2021, the below are the Emerging career Trends for future now. This was published in World economic forum articles. Hence, the proper survey and research is done around it.

  1. AI and Machine Learning Specialists

  2. Data Analysts and Scientists

  3. Information Security Analysts

  4. Internet of Things Specialists

  5. Big Data Specialists

  6. Project Managers

  7. Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialists

  8. Software and Applications Developers

  9. Business Development Professionals

Hope this Clarifies your Doubt. In one work, promising means, gives you proper returns and happiness while you work. However your suitability has to be measured around it. You can Visit my Website if you are looking for more details. The website address is given in first comment.

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